Youth choir Sympaatti

The Youth choir Sympaatti consists of around 30 singers between ages 13 and 20. Most of them are experienced choir singers who began their path in the Children’s choir Tactus. Sympaatti was founded in 1981 by Pekka Nikula, who led the choir until 2012. After that, the choir has been led by music teacher Emmi Kleemola with the help of vocal trainer Lotta Lintula. The repertoire of Sympaatti contains music from different countries and genres, focusing on contemporary Finnish music and folk music.

Sympaatti has been successful in many international competitions and has performed abroad in many places, such as Europe, Canada, and South Africa. In 2016, Sympaatti reached the first prize in a youth choir competition in Belgium.

Sympaatti has rehearsals on Tuesdays at 18–20 at Aleksanteri school. The choir also has a weekend rehearsal camp around once a year and Sunday singing rehearsals (4 hours) around once a month.

Choir leader Emmi Kleemola

Emmi Kleemola (Master of Music) is a music teacher who has led Sympaatti since 2012 and Tactus since the autumn of 2017. Emmi has attended music classes in Tampere and sung in both Tactus and Sympaatti. As a day job, she teaches music in middle school and high school. In 2016, Emmi began her studies in Tampere University of Applied Sciences in the choir conducting program to deepen her expertise in choir leading.


Emmi Kleemola


Lotta Lintula


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