Classical singing

Everyone has their own voice, which is a unique instrument, to express their personalities.

Singing instruction begins a life-long adventure to the possibilities of the human voice. As you learn to produce a naturally flowing voice, your tone deepens and becomes more vibrant and your own singing profile becomes clearer. We often find new qualities in our voice that we might not have even expected to find. The goal is to be able to express music and text through your own personality without tiring or straining your voice.

Singing presents the possibility to form a personal relationship with the music and poetry of different eras and genres. The multitude of exercises refreshes the mind and the voice-instrument. The pupil has a lot of say in the selection of the repertoire, depending on their personality, choices, and the inherent qualities of their voice.

A good age to start systematic singing instruction is around 15. Our step-by-step, goal-oriented instruction provides the pupils with all the skills that they need if they wish to continue in professional music studies after the music institute.

The studies include ensemble singing as well. As a singer, you will learn to interact with others, take initiative, and take others into consideration in everything you do and experience in your musical journey.

Every active singer benefits from singing instruction, as it also helps to strengthen and enhance your speaking voice.


Leea Lahtela

Suzuki Voice, classical singing, early childhood music teacher

Antti Nissilä

classical and pop/jazz singing, composing and orchestra conducting
Hämeenkyrö and Tampere