Application instructions

Information to playing instruction applicants

Updated 1.2.2024

Application form:

Student selection event

Applicants are invited to an appointment, where teachers discuss the suitability of the instrument with the applicant and discuss studying. The content of the events is determined by musical instrument. The main focus is on the suitability of the instrument, which is examined, for example, in the case of the instrument with small-scale motor and musical tasks. An optional sample is requested from applicants who are already playing the instrument they are applying for.

Rhythm music: applicants who have previously played will present a short sample of their choice. It does not have to be a finished presentation, but to give an idea of current skills. The classes have drums and keyboards, but those applying for other instruments must bring their own instrument.

Suzuki tuition: applicants and their guardians are invited to meet with teachers and discuss studying music together.

If you don’t already know which instrument you’d like to play

If you do not yet know your preferred instrument, you can check out the options on our website (see  and and the instrument introduction videos from this link: Instrument presentations 2024. If necessary, you can use the application form to select “I don’t know yet” as the instrument. In this case, you can try different instruments at the appointment and then indicate your wishes. The selection of students takes into account both your own wishes and the teachers’ recommendation. To find your wish instrument, we also recommend attending instrument demonstrations and trial events.

Instrument demonstrations and trials

In addition to the events listed below, the Pirkanmaan musiikkiopisto organises concerts where children and young people perform with different instruments. Check out our event calendar!

  • Wed 14.2. at 18.30 Valentine’s Day playing and instrument experimentation
    Siltatie comprehensive school, Lähdevainiontie 38, Ylöjärvi
  • Fri 23.2. at 16.30–18 Instrument presentation in connection with Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra’s Pekka ja Susi children’s concerts in Tampere Hall lobby
    More information about the concerts here.