French horn

What kind of an instrument is the French horn?

The French horn is a part of the brass instrument family. Its sound can vary from poetically dark and soft to heroic magnificence. Many of the greatest solos in orchestral and film music are written for the French horn. The French horn fits very well with string instruments and woodwinds as well as other brass instruments, and so it is used in all kinds of orchestral music and in different ensembles. The French horn has a wide vocal range. A symphony orchestra often has a group of four French hornists whose instrumental range can reach almost four octaves.

At what age can you start playing the French horn?

Nowadays, you can find small student instruments on the market, which means that you could start playing the French horn as early as at age 5. Usually pupils start playing the French horn when they are on grades 1 through 6, but you can start even later.

What do people play on the French horn?

Like all brass instruments, the French horn is primarily an orchestral and ensemble instrument, so playing in a group is an essential part of the hobby. Of course, plenty of solo music has been composed for the French horn starting from the Baroque era. All brass instruments are suited for different genres from classical music to jazz and entertainment music.

How much does a French horn cost?

Pupils usually start learning the French horn with a rental instrument from the music institute. They switch to a full-sized instrument at around age 10, and at that point, they usually start to consider purchasing their own instrument. Buying your own instrument pays off because you can play on a well-kept instrument for decades. A good new amateur instrument costs between 3,000 and 3,500 euros, but you can find a used one for a lot cheaper.


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