The flute is one of the oldest instruments of humankind and is present in nearly all cultures. The modern flute is made of metal, usually silver. Golden flutes are not rare either, but they are made first and foremost for professional use.

If you are between ages 7 and 10 and interested in music and want to play a wind instrument, may we suggest the clear-sounded flute? It is a nuanced and fulfilling instrument that you learn to play by practising daily.

Student flutes, which you can buy from music stores, cost around 600 euros and up. Professional flutes cost multiple thousands of euros, even tens of thousands. The teacher will help you choose a suitable instrument.

A flautist needs a brave and unyielding attitude, a healthy set of lungs, and open ears and heart. Then, the flute will come and tell you a story of a mysterious and beautiful princess who, a long time ago, turned into a reed on the seashore, but what happened then? Come and find out…


Merja Eskelinen

Hämeenkyrö, Tampere and Ylöjärvi

Rea Metsähonkala

Tampere and Ylöjärvi

Päivi Pöyhönen

flute, orchestra conducting
Kangasala and Tampere

This is what the flute sounds like