The clarinet belongs to the woodwind instrument family. Its low register is dark and full, and its high register is magnificent, bursting, and even a bit mischievous. A clarinetist can play many genres ranging from classical music to pop and from folk music to jazz. The clarinet is excellent for quick runs and beautiful, vivid melodies.

A beginner’s clarinet is usually made of plastic, and thus the price is an affordable 500–600 euros. You can also rent an instrument from the music institute for the first years of learning.

You can start to play the clarinet at any age. The youngest clarinetists in our music institute are 7-year-olds and the oldest ones are retired!


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Katri Kolunen

Kangasala and Tampere

Salla Männikkö

clarinet and saxophone
Hämeenkyrö, Tampere and Ylöjärvi

Petri Nieminen

clarinet and saxophone
Tampere and Ylöjärvi

Masa Orpana

clarinet and saxophone

This is what the clarinet sounds like