The bassoon is the largest member of the woodwind family and has the lowest sound. Masters of this rare instrument are highly wanted in different ensembles and orchestras.

The time to start playing the bassoon is dependent on the length of the pupil’s fingers. The youngest players in the music institute are 6-year-olds, who play on a children’s bassoon model. There is no upper limit to starting to play the bassoon.

The size of the instrument may be intimidating to outsiders, but the instrument is not heavy to carry or blow into even for a small child. The teacher prepares a mouthpiece that suits the pupil’s blowing. The instrument has a case that resembles a small suitcase, so that you can carry the instrument with you.

The music institute rents a bassoon to the pupil. Bassoonists often purchase their own instruments only after multiple years of practice when they run into a suitable and affordable “specimen”. The price range of bassoons is very wide. Good used bassoons start from 3,000 euros. Keep in mind that a bassoon can be a better investment than a car because a bassoon’s value does not decrease over time!

If the low, warm, soulful, humoristic, and lovely sound of the bassoon fascinates you, this instrument might be the one for you!


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Lea Leinonen-Szemenyei

bassoon, early childhood music teacher

This is what the bassoon sounds like