The viola is the hybrid of the string instrument family: it combines the best parts of two instruments. The sound of the viola is velvety and resembles the human voice. The viola is larger than the violin but a lot smaller than the cello.

The viola grows with the player. The youngest violist we have taught was a 4-year-old, but the usual starting age is 6 through 8.

The teacher will help you choose the instrument. You can buy the instrument or rent it from the music institute. The cost of the instrument packet (sizes 1/8–4/4) is 400–650 euros. When the violist switches to a bigger instrument, the shop refunds up to 70% of the original price.

Violists make music independently and in groups, but they have a special place in orchestras and in chamber music. Many ensembles could do with a few more violists, so you really get to play! Would you like to join the rare few?


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Tiina Kaukinen

viola and violin, orchestra conducting

Eija Laru


Paula Metsänen

violin and viola, orchestra conducting
Hämeenkyrö, Tampere and Ylöjärvi

Sari Rahkola

violin and viola

Leenamaija Raukola

violin and viola, folk music
Kangasala and Tampere