You can start playing the contrabass at around age 6, but there is no such thing as too old to start. The instruments come in different sizes, and in most cases, you can rent an instrument from the music institute to get you started in your studies. Contrabassists are highly wanted in all kinds of ensembles, and you can meet many new friends and go on all sorts of adventures when you play the contrabass.

You rarely need to carry your contrabass to the lessons, but you do need to bring your bow in its carrying case. Performances will go the best when you play on your own instrument. You will make fast friends with your contrabass, and, given its size, it is already a true companion. Playing in orchestras with other musicians is a great part of the hobby. The main events of the year include the contrabassists’ collective concerts before the winter and summer breaks. You don’t know a good time until you’ve experienced twenty contrabassists playing great music from Harry Potter to the most beautiful solo pieces!


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Minna Rauhamaa

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This is what contrabass sounds like

Twelve-year-old Martin demonstrates: