Keyboard instruments

Acoustic piano

The acoustic piano (the upright piano or the grand piano) is the best choice for regular home practice. New pianos cost a few thousand euros, but you can find used pianos in good condition for a very affordable price. When you buy a used piano from a private seller, do take into consideration the costs from tuning and transportation and consider asking a professional to test the piano before purchasing it. Trustworthy piano makers include Yamaha and Kawai.

Some piano makers manufacture combinations of an electronic and acoustic piano (such as the Silent Piano by Yamaha), which provide the opportunity to practise silently with headphones on so as to not disturb others.

Electric piano

Electric pianos are divided into two groups: “home pianos” and “stage pianos”. Home pianos have an internal amplifier and speakers and are often designed to look pleasing to the eye. Stage pianos do not contain their own speakers and often do not have a built-in stand. You can use a pair of active speakers for a stage piano. Compared to a home piano, this is usually the best solution when it comes to sound, but it might not be as aesthetically pleasing. As the pianist’s skills improve, however, the touch and the sound of an electric piano will not be enough to bring out all the fine details of piano music.

The pros of an electric piano include movability, the possibility to practise with headphones, no tuning costs, and many internal attributes that support practice, such as a metronome, the possibility to record your playing, and the possibility to include an external sound source. New electric pianos cost upwards of 500 euros. Good makers include Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, and Korg. The maker range in stage pianos is much wider.

Other electric keyboard instruments

Keyboard instruments are made for many different purposes. Other kinds of electric keyboards include analogue synthesizers, music workstations, accompaniment keyboards, and electric organs. They are a great addition to an improved pianist’s arsenal and are essential in a band. Many synthesizers also have a high-quality piano sound, but often the keyboard’s touch does not resemble the touch of a piano. For this reason, it is essential to learn the basics on an acoustic piano.