Guitar and electric guitar

The guitar taught at the music institute is the nylon-string classical guitar. Pupils usually start playing the guitar when they are around 7 to 10 years old. Guitars come in different sizes, and the size of a guitar is determined by the player’s size. The cost of a beginner instrument is upwards of 150 euros. The teacher will help you choose a suitable instrument.

The guitar is both a harmonic and a melodic instrument. The repertoire is varied and touches on many genres. The guitar is well-suited for playing in an ensemble with other guitarists as well as other musicians after the guitarist’s skills have improved. You can find a good example on what the guitar sounds like and how it is played from YouTube by searching “David Russell guitar” or similar.

The electric guitar is a band instrument. You can find it in many different genres, such as blues, country, rock, metal, disco, funk, and jazz, either in the background and/or playing the melody.

Most guitarists start playing the electric guitar around age 13. However, you can start playing it even before age 7.

Electric guitars come in many different models and makers. A guitar is often chosen based on the music genre the guitarist wants to play. Most basic models, such as Stratocaster (available from multiple makers), are suitable as a first instrument.
The most affordable beginner’s kits, containing an amplifier, cost around 200 to 300 euros, depending on the model. It pays to check out used instruments as well!


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This is what the classical guitar sounds like

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