Drums and other percussion instruments

We offer instruction in both classical and rhythm music for the percussion instruments. We make no difference between the genres in the beginning of the instruction. At first, the instruction focuses on the basics, such as holding the mallets, movements of the arms, hand orders that suit different rhythms, and playing position.

One of the instruction books is The Reading Drummer by Dave Vose, which is very useful for both beginners and improved musicians. Other books include Risto Skrikberg’s books on drum rudiments (the exact ones are available only in Finnish, but similar books exist in English).

Beginners use thick drumsticks (model 5B or thicker), books, a metronome, and something to play on, whether it be a snare drum, a rubbery drum pad, or something similar. Since the instruction starts from learning the hand motor skills, there is no need to purchase a drum set in the beginning.

Improving pupils take on melodic percussion instruments, such as the xylophone and the timpani, as well as the drum set. The rhythm music studies focus more on playing the drum set. Playing together is an essential part in the instruction in percussion instruments.

The teacher will help the pupil to record audio or video of the pupil’s playing as required. Other learning methods are used as well, such as playing in a percussion ensemble or with backing tracks.

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Timo Hakala

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