Music play school fees 2020–2021


The music play school fees are based on the length of the lesson:
• groups 45 min/week €135
• groups 50–60 min/week €155
• groups over 60 min/week €185
• music play school for siblings 45 min/week €100/child
• band carousel 60 min/week €225

Billing and cancellation policy

The fees are per one semester, billed twice a year after the first two weeks of instruction. Pupils who join a music play school group in the middle of a semester are billed according to the beginning date, and the shorter semester is taken into account in the bill.
The enrolment concerns the entire year. In case of a cancellation in the middle of a semester, we will take the shorter semester into account in the bill starting from the date of cancellation by email to If the pupil does not continue in their group in the spring semester, please inform us on it by 13.12.2020, so that the freed place can be offered to the next one on the wait list.

Payment arrangements

A reduction on music play school fees is not possible, but the bill can be paid in 2–5 instalments. The first instalment must be paid by the due date. We can make arrangements regarding the number of instalments and the other due dates on an individual basis. Send an email to coordinator Niina Haapanen ( before the due date of the bill to arrange payments.