Groups for six-year-olds

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Lauluryhmä (Singing group), ages 68

La la la! How does the wind howl? How does a mouse whisper? What does a frog’s croak sound like? Come along and sing together and find out all the things you can do with your voice.

In the singing group you learn the basics of singing, think about how sound is created and get to know how to control your own voice and body. The lessons include moving, singing and dancing together, as well as going through the basic elements of music.

The goal is to get to know singing as an instrument and experience the joy of singing together.

Musajengi (Music gang), ages 6–9

Let’s make some music! In the music gang, you play together with friends. We will play and rhyme on kanteles, rhythmic instruments, pianos, recorders, and tile instruments. The gang will compose and improvise easy melodies independently and together as well as learn notation and rhythmic symbols through games. You will get to know different orchestral and band instruments as we enter the world of different music genres.

Bändikaruselli 9-v.

Pirkanpojat-muskari (Pirkka boys), ages 5–6

Boys can and will sing! Let’s get to know how the human voice works. Through singing and playing, we will learn the basics of music as well as how to control and strengthen our voices and work in a group. The goal is to deepen the interest in singing as an instrument and to enjoy a shared singing energy. We hold concerts throughout the year with the Pirkka boys’ main choir groups.

Welcome to the group of singing boys!



Rumpurytmiikka (Drum rhythmics), ages 5–6

Cha-bam! Let’s travel into the world of rhythm! Throughout the year, we will get to know different music genres, and we have a large selection of percussion instruments in our hands. You will learn musical elements and notations through different games. The goal is to deepen the interest in percussion instruments and rhythmics and to enjoy playing together.

Rytmiikkaryhmä (Rhythm group), ages 6–8

Cha-bam! Make music with your body! The rhythm group explores body percussion in a fun and creative way and teaches different comps. The lessons contain musical exercise, playing, singing, rhyming, and rapping. Developing rhythmic understanding creates a basis for making music, exercising, and developing the perceptive skills. The rhythmic group is also excellent preparation for potential instrument instruction.



Soitinkaruselli (Instrument carousel), ages 5–7

Hop on to the carousel! The instrument carousel contains many exciting musical games which get the child excited and concentrated on the matters at hand. We will get to know an instrument or an instrument group periodically. We will learn how to make a sound out of an instrument and look into the vocal environment of the instrument with the help of the music play school teacher as well as visiting instrument teachers and other pupils.

We aim to get to know the piano, the guitar, and the accordion as well as wind and string instruments during the year. The group has one instrument to use at a time from the music institute. The purpose of the instrument carousel is to help the child find and choose an instrument that they like. The instrument carousel contains singing, musical exercises, playing melodic and rhythmic instruments, and listening to music.

Playing an instrument develops the child’s fine motor skills and perception of harmonics and melodies. For this reason, the lesson also contains small group instruction where we play the recorder and the kantele. We will place a group order on recorders in the autumn.

Soittoryhmät 6-v.

Soitinseikkailu (Instrument adventure), ages 4–6

Join us on an adventure to the exciting worlds of the kantele and recorder! You will get to play many different melodic and rhythmic instruments as well. Learn musical concepts through experiences and practise notes and rhymes by playing and moving. We encourage you to improvise and make music in a creative way. The group uses kanteles from the music institute. We will instruct you on purchasing a recorder in the autumn. Teaching in Finnish and in English.

Soittoryhmät 5-v.

Ukuleleryhmä (Ukulele group), ages 6–7

You can play the ukulele! We will accompany songs on the ukulele and make music with others. We will study notation and chords by playing and rhyming. The lessons use the children’s ukulele book Muksulele (available only in Finnish). We will place a group order on the book in the autumn. The child should have their own ukulele, so that they can practise at home as well.