Groups for four-year-olds

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Musiikkiseikkailu (Musical adventure), ages 3–4

Dive deep into a musical experience, independently without a parent! We strive to teach you basic musical concepts, such as beat, rest, slow-fast, and quiet-loud. We use captivating stories and voice and rhythm games as well as a mix of playing, singing, moving, and listening to help you learn.

Musiikkiseikkailu 3-v.

Soitinseikkailu (Instrument adventure), ages 4–6

Join us on an adventure to the exciting worlds of the kantele and the recorder! You will get to play many different melodic and rhythmic instruments as well. Learn musical concepts through experiences and practise notes and rhymes by playing and moving. We encourage you to improvise and make music in a creative way. The group uses kanteles from the music institute. We will instruct you on purchasing a recorder in the autumn.

Soittoryhmät 5-v.

Music play school for siblings
(ages 0–4)

Come and enjoy music with the whole family! In these lessons, children explore music through singing, rhyming, listening, playing, moving, and dancing. The sibling groups are for 1–2 adults with their children.

Sisarusmuskari 0-4-v.