Guidelines for the studies

Study material and instruments

The pupil will purchase the required study material themselves, such as sheet music (as their teacher recommends) and books and notebooks for musical perception courses. Pupils should discuss the purchase of their own instrument with their teacher. Some pupils (especially beginners) can rent an instrument from the music institute. Ask for more information on the rental instruments from your teacher or janitor Olli Kanerva.

Cancelling and reimbursing lessons

Lessons cancelled due to a pupil or a teacher’s brief illness are not reimbursed. If the pupil cancels their lesson, the teacher is not required to reimburse the lesson. Please notify your teacher of any cancellations by a text message or some other communication channel you have agreed upon as soon as possible.

Meet-and-greet weeks for guardians

We invite guardians of underage pupils to visit a main subject lesson once a semester in a so-called meet-and-greet week for guardians. Guardians can also visit lessons on musical perception and group playing during these weeks. You can also arrange to visit lessons at other times by contacting the teacher.


Pupils, their own instruments, or rental instruments from the music institute are not insured against any possible accidents. We ask that you recognise this matter in your own family insurance plans.


We will send pupil announcements primarily by email. Announcements are also posted on pupils’ pages.


The music institute will send bills and possible payment reminders by email to the primary guardian or directly to an adult pupil.

Each payment reminder includes a reminder cost of 5 euros and an interest on overdue payments.

We charge 8 euros for sending a paper invoice as of 1.1.2020.