Semester fees

Updated 7.6.2024

You can find the semester fees for playing and singing instruction beginning from 1.8.2023 below. Find the fees for music play school here.

The due date for the bill for the autumn semester is in August and the due date for the bill for the spring semester is in January.

The music institute fees and possible payment reminders are sent by email to the primary guardian or directly to an adult pupil.

Each payment reminder includes a reminder cost of 5 euros and an interest on overdue payments.

We charge 8 euros for sending a paper invoice.

Preparatory instruction

Lessons in preparatory instruction are for beginners. Pupils can participate in preparatory instruction for maximum of two years. After two years of preparatory instruction pupils can continue studies in the advanced or the general syllabus, according to their teacher’s recommendation. For young children, who are not yet at school, preparatory instruction can last for longer than two years.

  • 20 min/week (private instruction) €370
  • 30–60 min/week (instruction in a small group of 2-6 pupils) €370
  • Shorter semester (private instruction, 12 x 15 min) €200

The advanced syllabus

  • Main subject 30–75 min/week (core studies and specialised studies) €400
  • Secondary subject 30–45 min/week (core studies and specialised studies) €300
  • Pupil place fee (if the pupil’s municipality of residence is other than Hämeenkyrö, Kangasala, Tampere or Ylöjärvi) €500

The general syllabus (also Suzuki instruction)

  • Main subject 25 min/week €500
  • Main subject 30 min/week €600
  • Main subject 45 min/week €800
  • Main subject 45 min every other week €450
  • Main subject 60 min/week €950
  • Main subject, small group for pop/jazz singing (2-4 pupils) 30–60 min/week €370

Group studies as main subject

Group studies do not include private or pair instruction.

  • Choir or orchestra 60 € / semester / group
  • Musical perception 170 € / semester / group
  • Group instruction in instruments for adults (shorter period: 12 x / semester): the fee is determined by the length of the lesson:
    • 45 min/week  150 €
    • 60 min/week  170 €
    • 75 min/week  190 €

Other fees

  • Instrument rental €55/semester
    On 1.9., we charge €55 for instrument rentals for the autumn semester.
    On 15.1., we charge €55 for instrument rentals for the spring semester.
    If you make a new rental agreement on an instrument midway through a semester, the shorter semester is taken into account in the price.

Cancellation of a pupil place

The pupil place for instrument instruction is always reserved for the whole year, unless otherwise agreed with the principal. The following fees for autumn semester 2024 are charged if a pupil place is cancelled midway through the semester (does not include choirs):

  • by 11.8.2024 no fee
  • during 12.8.-25.8.2024 fee 50 €
  • during 26.8.-1.9.2024 fee 100 €
  • starting from 2.9.2024 full semester fee will be billed

Cancellation of a pupil place via email: niina.haapanen@pmo.fi.

Guardian makes the cancellation for pupils under age of 18.


Payment arrangements and reductions

Payment arrangements

You can pay the semester fee in 2–5 instalments. However, the first instalment must be paid by the due date at the latest. We can make arrangements regarding the number of instalments and the other due dates on an individual basis. Send an email to vice principal Niina Haapanen (laskutus@pmo.fi) before the due date of the bill to arrange payments.

Payment reductions for 2024-2025 

The principal of Pirkanmaa Music Institute may grant a reduction on the semester fees for solo instrument or singing instruction for a semester or a year at a time on request. The reduction can be granted due to financial or other reasons, which are determined through a free-form application. Fill in the application for the autumn semester 2024 or the whole school year of 2024–2025 by 14.6.2024 at https://bit.ly/maksuhuojennus2024. We will not process late applications. We will announce our decisions by Midsummer Day.