Tuki ry shop

Tuki ry of Pirkanmaa Music Institute sells T-shirts, beanies, canvas bags, and reflectors with the PMO logo in the institute’s office in Eteläpuisto 4. You can order a T-shirt also by filling in this form.

T-shirt €16
Beanie €15
Bag €10
Reflector €5

Find the models, sizes, colour options (10 colours), and more information here (only in Finnish):
Children’s shirts
Women’s shirts
Men’s shirts

Please note that unlike in the pictures, the T-shirts only have the logo in the front, not in the sleeve.

For more information:
Anne-Leena Rapo, secretary of service
phone: +358 50 319 9200
email: anne-leena.rapo@pmo.fi.

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