Tuki ry supports music learning of children and youth


Updated 22.3.2021

As its name suggests, Pirkanmaan musiikkiopiston Tuki ry (the support association for Pirkanmaa Music Institute) supports pupils of Pirkanmaa Music Institute (PMO) and furthers the musical hobby and education in Tampere and neighbouring areas. The organisation provides financial assistance to pupils in the form of scholarships, payment reliefs or camp assistances.

Tuki ry maintains a café in the lobby of music institute’s main building (Eteläpuisto 4) and sells beanies, shirts, canvas bags and reflectors with the PMO logo in the office at the main house.

In addition, after the coronavirus has receded, we will have a café and cloakroom service in connection with the biggest concerts.

Join us!

You can support the activities of Pirkanmaan musiikkiopiston Tuki ry by joining the association. The membership fee is 10 euros per year or 40 euros for a permanent membership.

The organisation’s bank account number is FI28 1151 3006 1027 00 (Pirkanmaan musiikkiopiston Tuki ry). Please enter “membership fee for 20xx” and your name and phone number in the payment message box. Please also send your contact details to Anne-Leena Rapo by email to anne-leena.rapo@pmo.fi or by phone to +358 40 588 4721.

Welcome to the auxiliary group of cafés and cloakroom service organised in connection with the concerts. We will inform you of these events e.g. by Email.

Find more information of our organisation from the music institute’s office or from the members of the board.

Board of Tuki ry

Tarja Tapio, chair, phone +358 44 347 9944
Anne-Leena Rapo, phone +358 40 588 4721
Päivi Lukin, phone +358 45 127 6972
Maarit Sierimo, treasurer, phone +358 50 505 2161
Irina Kunnari
Riitta Koikkalainen

PMO Shop

You can purchase beanies (€15), T-shirts (€16), canvas bags (€10), and reflectors (€5) with the PMO logo from the institute’s office in Eteläpuisto 4. You can order a T-shirt also by filling in this form.