Application instructions 2022

Announcement to applicants

The try out times for the spring 2022 student selection events will be sent by email Wed 6.4. – Fri 8.4. The try outs will be held Tue 19.4. – Wed 20.4. between 14:00 and 19:30.

N.B! Messages for minors (under 18 years of age) are sent to the guardian’s email. The address that sends the messages is, if necessary, please add it to your e-mail program’s list of trusted senders. If you have not received the message by 11 a.m. on Fri 8 April and cannot find it in your spam folder, please inform Vice Principal Timo Saarinen by email (

Applying to playing and singing instruction

  • The application period is 1.2.-31.3.2022.
  • Applicants are invited to a try out, where teachers find out the suitability of the instrument with the applicant, and discuss the studies. The try outs are held Tue 19.4. – Wed 20.4. Applicants will be notified by e-mail of the more detailed schedules of the events no later than Wed 6.4.
  • The selection results will be announced to all applicants on Wed 18.5.2022. New pupils begin their studies in August.

The Tampere branch offers instruction in every subject. View the subjects instructed in other branches here: If your instrument instruction is not offered in your area, you can come to Tampere for lessons. 

Fill out the application form to indicate which instrument you are applying for. Applicants who do not yet know what instrument they would like to play can explore the selection on our website and instrument demonstration videos on our YouTube Channel. You can also select “I do not know yet” on the application form, and try more instruments on the try out days in April. 

We also recommend these instrument demonstration and try out events: 

  • Fri 25.2.2022 at 17.30-20 Pirkanmaa music institute ‘soitinsuunnistus’
  • Thu 17.3.2022 at 18.45-19.30 Tampere Hall small auditorium foyer, after the Tampere Philharmonic children’s concert

Notes for those applying to pop/jazz singing

You can start studying pop/jazz singing approximately from age 14-15. Applicants are selected based on video applications and interviews. Fill out the application form: by 31.3.2022 and send us a video (maximum length 5 minutes) on which you perform 1–2 songs of your choosing. Videos must be sent by Monday 4.4.2022 at the latest. We will select applicants for singing auditions based on the videos. All applicants will be contacted via email on Tuesday 12.4. and those chosen for auditions (19.4.) will be informed of audition times.

Video instructions: 

We will accept all kinds of videos ranging from phone recordings to professional gig recordings, but the performance on the video must resemble a live situation. You may use an accompaniment or a karaoke track or sing without either. State your name and the name(s) of the song(s) you will sing at the beginning of the video.

Videos edited from multiple recordings are not allowed. Correction of the tune (like the use of Autotune) is not allowed either. 

Save your video to a video service or a cloud service of your choosing (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube etc.) and send a link to the video by email to Write the email subject as “Last name, First name, Valintakoevideo” (=audition video). Include your phone number in the email.

For more information, please contact: Pauliina Kupiainen, email, phone +358408448266

Applying to the choirs (Tactus and Sympaatti)

  • The application period starts 1.2.2022 and continues until 16.5.2022
  • The application form is here:
  • Auditions will be held in May
  • New pupils begin their studies in August.

Children and youth can study choir singing first in Children’s choir Tactus and then in  Youth choir Sympaatti. We currently (Spring 2022) admit girls and boys who can sing and are in grades 2–5 to Tactus. We currently admit girls who can sing and read sheet music and are in grades 6 and upwards to Sympaatti.


To audition to Tactus, the applicant sings a song of their choosing without accompaniment. Their vocal range and musicality will also be tested.

To audition to Sympaatti, the applicant sings the melody part of the song “On suuri sun rantas autius” as a part of a four-part quartet. Their sheet music reading skills, vocal range, and musicality will also be tested.

For more information on the auditions, please contact: Emmi Kleemola, director of the choirs, phone: +358 44 379 1273, email:

General information about applying to the music institute: 

New students will be admitted to vacant student places. The number varies from year to year by instrument and students’ hometowns. See more about student places here.

Applying does not require previous skills.